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I.A.W.M.D. (International Association Of Webmasters and
2005 - Cool Dog Site of the Day - 3/12/2005, Atlanta PAW
2004 - Golden Web Award: Atlanta PAW
2002 - Golden Web Award: Aero Products
2001/2002 - Golden Web Award: Graphic Persuasion

Call Center Magazine - Product of the Year Award
2007 - GMT Planet v.9.5: Global Management Technologies
Designed splash screen, icons, toolbar images, screen design, and recommended color schemes

STC (Society for Technical Communications)  
1998 - Certificate of Excellence:
  e-Vantage Integrator splash screen and application icon
1998 - Certificate of Merit:
  Host Presentation Server wizards and application icon
1997 - Certificate of Excellence:
  Advanced ISCA Adapter Installation Guide
1997 - Certificate of Merit:

IRMA 3270 PCI Adapter Installation Guide

1995 - International Award of Achievement:
  QuickApp User's Guide
1995 - International Merit Award:
  QuickPeer User's Guide
1995 - Certificate of Merit:
  RLN Server Administrator's Guide
1995 - Certificate of Merit:
  IRMA 3 Convertible Hardware Installation Guide
1994 - Certificate of Merit:
  Crosstalk for Macintosh User's Guide
1994 - Distinguished Technical Communication:
  QuickApp User's Guide
1993 - Distinguished Technical Communication, Best of Show, & International Merit Award:
  Crosstalk for Windows User's Guide
1992 - Distinguished Technical Communication:
  Macintosh-to-Mainframe Family Brochure
1991 - Certificate of Achievement:
  Getting to Know DCA/Microsoft Select Communications Server
1990 - Achievement Award: (Northern California Region)
  MacIRMAtrac Token-Ring Hardware and Software Installation Guide
1990 - Certificate of Merit:
  E78+ Domestic and International User's Guide
1990 - Certificate of Merit:
  DCA C-Subroutines Programmers Guide
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